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| fight or flight (of fancy)



Instrumentation: Youth Woodwind Trio (fl, fl, cl)

Duration: 6'00"

Ensemble: The Hartt Community Division Woodwind Trio, Mary Matthews - coach

Year Composed: 2014





Program Note:


Fight or Flight (of Fancy) is a collection of three whimsical bagatelles or character pieces for youth woodwind trio. The work's title is an elisional play or adaptation of two seemingly unrelated phrases, "fight or flight," and "flight of fancy." Evocative titles are provided for the performers and the audience, but no further information is given to direct their listening experience: The journey is of your own creation.


I.       The Dragonfly and the Rain Cloud

II.      On a Wing and a Prayer

III.     Icarus and the Sun






Fight or Flight (of Fancy) was comissioned by The Hartt Community Division for their 2014 Chamber Music Festival.




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