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For scores and additional recordings, please contact Matthew.


Fragmentation 1 (after Ravel) (2019) - for amplified flute and large flute choir

In Pursuit of Ghosts (2018) - concerto for tuba, percussion sextet, and piano

Concerto for Tenor Saxophone (2017) - for tenor saxophone and chamber orchestra (ww5tet, pno, strings)

Symphony No. 1 (2015) - for large orchestra (3,2,3,3 ; 4,3,3,1 ; timp +4, pno, hrp ; strings)

Ford's Theatre - An American Tragedy in Two, Brief Acts (2012) - two act chamber opera

Les Rêves Nocturne (2008) - for large percussion ensemble (12) and piano





Triceratops (2017) - tasty grooves for saxophone trio (ATB)   

Poetic Devices (2017) - five miniatures for low brass trio (hn, tbn, tea)

Until I Say 'When' (2016) - trio sonata for alto saxophone, violin, and piano 

Textures and Lines (2016) - dialogues and mediations for pierrot ensemble (fl, cl, vln, vc, pno)

The Last Place on Earth (2015) - double concerto for alto saxophone, percussion, and string quartet

Lost! (2015) - three miniatures for saxophone quartet

In Memoriam (2012) - trio for contrabass trio

Where the Heart Is (2012) - for chamber orchestra (fl, cl, bsn, tpt, tbn, pno, hrp, vla, vc)

Let No Man Put Asunder (2012) - for string quartet

Movimento Continuo (2010) - for percussion trio

Scenes from Autumn (2009) - for solo flute and chamber orchestra

Celestial Matters (2009) - three percussion solos (for 1 or 3 players)




To Begin Anew (2017) for oboe and cello

Romanza (2016) for solo cello

Breathing Helps (2015) for solo percussion

In the Absence of Fear (2014) - for solo harp

I Found Myself Wandering Aloud (2014) - for euphonium and piano/arr. for tbn/pno and tba/pno

Found! (2013) - four dialogues for alto saxophone and cello

To Bono, With Love (2013) - a puzzle for solo prepared vibraphone

Five Bagatelles (2013) - for violin and piano

Airs Nos. 1-6 (2012) for solo organ

The Bright Side of Being a Human Bomb (2009) - for solo clarinet

Theme + 4 Brief Variants (2009) - solo piano




Waiting/Wanting (2016) - art song for soprano, mezzo-soprano, and piano

Six Encounters of Mistrust and Coffee (2011) - song cycle for mezzo-soprano, harp, and cello

der Müskel Relaxer (2009) - music theater/parody art song for mezzo-soprano

Alice in the Wind (2008) - art song for high voice (tenor or soprano)

Sonnenizio (2012) - for divisi women's chorus (SSAA)

Ode on the Prayer of Saint Francis (2011) - for divisi mixed chorus (SATB)

The Apocalyptic Revelations of Saint John of Patmos (2009) - for divisi mixed chorus (SSAATTBB)


Fever Dreams and Candy Sprees (2015) - for viola, piano, and fixed media


Music for Sweeney Chapel (2012) - for three performers and bell tower

Alert! (2011) - for fixed media

Everything Is Going to Be All Right, Son (2010) - for fixed media

[Origin] (2009) - for 4 - 40 performers


Continental Drift (2014) - for saxophone trio (ATT)

Fight or Flight (Of Fancy) (2014) - for woodwind trio (fl, fl, cl)

Juvenilia (2014) - for youth woodwind quintet

The Workshop of Dr. Kronos (2013) - for youth piano quartet (vln, vln, vla, pno)

Trivium (2013) - for youth brass trio (tpt, hrn, tbn)







For scores and additional recordings, please contact Matthew.

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