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| concerto for tenor saxophone



Instrumentation: Tenor Saxophone and Chamber Orchestra (1,1,1,1 ; 1000 ; pno ; strings)

Duration: 15'00"

Commissioner: Justin Rollefson

Year Composed: 2017





Highlights from Concerto for Tenor Saxophone, with soloist Justin Rollefson.

Arizona State University. Videography: Justin Rollefson


Program Note:                       

My music frequently aspires to get ‘lost’ amidst a journey. I enjoy the sense of tenaciously going after the unknown and meditating in the newfound spaces. Concerto for Tenor Saxophone is a collection of three such journeys, each with their own character and extra-musical connotations. The first movement, “Changes,” is a play on the ever[evolving topography of the land as well as the colloquial use of the word in jazz music. The second movement, “Cease Fire,” is a collection of two worlds at odds with each other struggling to coalesce. Lastly, “Tinge (Don’t Look Down)” is a, at times, manic celebratory shout of joy; finding beauty and worth even amidst fear and terror.










Concerto for Tenor Saxophone was commissioned by Justin Rollefson and premiered by the Four Seasons Youth Orchestra.

December 2017.


To hear a complete recording of this work please contact directly.




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