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| five bagatelles

Instrumentation: Violin and Piano

Duration: 10'00"

Ensemble: Clavier a cordes

Year Composed: 2013





Program Note:


Typically, a bagatelle is a miniature or whimsical piece, a sketch or trifle. Five Bagatelles was written with interest to the listener’s expectations when confronted with traditional titles and forms. Using these expectations the bagatelles make each presumably inconsequential movement a vital part in a much larger process: trifle becoming significant, as we move from naïve to cynical, bitter to hopeful. 



I.      Adagio

II.    Scherzo

III.   Lament-Requiem

IV.   Nocturne

V.    Fantasy and Air




Five Bagatelles was comissioned by the Unitarian Society of Hartford for Clavier a cordes and premiered in May 2013

SCORE SAMPLE (click below)

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