| high anxieties



Instrumentation: Contrabass Tuba and Piano

Duration: ca. 10'30"

Commissioner: Joseph Alvarez, tuba

Year Composed: 2019





Program Note:


Various phobias and fears permeate our lives in assorted levels. Whether we are scared of the unknown, scarred from a childhood trauma, or simply uneasy in a given situation, many can pinpoint exactly what it is that make them anxious. High Anxieties – a play in itself on works for bass instruments – explores five such fears: neophobia (the fear of beginning something new), claustrophobia (the fear of tightly enclosed spaces), glossophobia (fear of public speaking), germaphobia (fear of germs/bacteria), and aviophobia (fear of flying).









High Anxieties was commissioned by and dedicated to Joseph Alvarez, to be premiered at the

2019 ITEA Southeast Regional Conference, Kennesaw State University.