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| found!



Instrumentation: Alto Saxophone and Cello

Duration: 5'30"

Ensemble: Alyssa Hoffert - saxophone, Pablo Issa - cello

Year Composed: 2013





Program Note:


Found! is a collection of gestures and conversations concerning notions of being both “lost” and “found.” This work came to be because of an out of town visit where I did not see my wife or infant daughter for an entire month. I have used this longing as a motivation in this piece; so much of my identity is found my role in my family. I present music monologues and dialogues pertaining to self-identity, what we are and are not with or without loved ones, and what is meant by being home.



I.     Naked As We Came

II.    If at the Bottom of Everything

III.  Song Without Words

IV.  Onward!




Found! was comissioned by Alyssa Hoffert and premiered at The Hartt School Public Works Concert Series, West Hartford, CT.




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