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| where the heart is



Instrumentation: Chamber Orchestra (fl, cl, bsn, tpt, b.tbn, pno, hp, vla, vc - varies by movement)

Duration: 9'00"

Ensemble: Finger Lakes Chamber OrchestraKyle Wernke - conductor

Year Composed: 2012, rev. 2015





Program Note:


Where the Heart Is takes its listeners on an autogeographical and timbral journey through miniature duets, trios, and full ensemble vignettes.The work explores sense memories associated with time, in particular where I lived during my childhood. From the suburban Midwest, a bucolic farm in the South, the backseat of our family car, and ultimately idyllic New England, each of the piece's sections correspondingly range from naive to sardonic and quaint to spacious. Where the Heart Is was commissioned by the 2012 Finger Lakes Chamber Music Festival in Geneva, NY and revised for performance by Foot-in-the-Door Ensemble in 2015. The unique instrumentation and individualistic groupings for each movement is based on the festival’s goal of presenting a multi-faceted chamber music experience.


I.        Quincy i (bsn, tpt, pno)

II.      Colonel Robert Byrd Enters into Heaven (hp, vc)

III.     '91 Beretta (fl, vla, vc)

IV.     World's Largest Ball of Paint (bsn, b.tbn)

V.       Quincy ii (cl, hp)

VI.     Kikthawenund (full ensemble)

VII.   "This is the Chief" (full ensemble)




Where the Heart Is was comissioned by the 2012 Finger Lakes Chamber Music Festival and premiered at

Hobart and William Smith Colleges, June 2012. 




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