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| six encounters of mistrust and coffee



Instrumentation: mezzo-soprano, harp, and cello

Duration: 17'00"

Ensemble: Meaghan Sands, Lauren Finn, and Sean Conover

Year Composed: 2011/12





Program Note:


Six Encounters of Mistrust and Coffee delves deeply into the pain we as humans often inflict upon each other, whether purposeful or accidental. Each depicts love gone wrong, life gone astray, and the occasional ‘cup of joe’ to keep one sane throughout it all. These six poems are a collection of works by Bay area writer and close friend, Katherine Rutledge, compiled from October 2011 to January 2012. 



I.      The Reel

II.    Music to the Dance

III.   49.9%

IV.   2:22 am/pm

V.    (Untitled)

VI.  The Everyman Drug
















Six Encounters was premiered at the Graduate Recital of Matthew Kennedy - Butler University, April 2012.



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