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Instrumentation: concerto for alto saxophone, wind ensemble (grade 4), & fixed media    See score sample below

Duration: 14'00"

Commissioner: Keene State Concert Band, John Hart - Director

Year Composed: 2023

Premiere: Keene State College Concert Band
Dr. John Hart, director


Program Note:

Small changes happen everyday, in fact, they are one of the most pedestrian of activities we humans can observe. But what if enough small changes take place? A ripple is formed and over time it can gain momentum. RIPPLE explores the small changes we experience and, on occasion, change who we are.

“Of Changes” considers the immense self-doubt, obheaval, unfettered optimism, and sobering reality that is faced leading up to and in the wake of majors life choices.

“Of Questions” meditates on iconic text by poet Walt Whitman (O Me! O Life!) questioning what we are here for and what can we contribute.


“Of Hope” concludes the work with a more weather-worn approach to the naïve optimism found earlier in the piece with a reflection on text by Robert Kennedy (Ripple of Hope). Here we do not delve into cynicism but rather think of a future in which our own insignificant ripples may some day turn into towering waves.

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