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| graphic notation and digital engraving

A page from Sacred Spaces, arranged by Glen Adsit

and transcribed by Matthew Kennedy

Excerpt from "Keeping Time in Mozart's Eine kleine Gigue, K.574"

by Dr. Ira Braus - Indiana Theory Review

examples digitally engraved by Matthew Kennedy

As performers we know that clearly notated performance materials go a long way towards the successful performance of a piece of music. We also know that when a student perform sees something novel or foreign on the page may bring doubt of fear to our approach to performing the piece.


I have had the immense honor of working with renowned American conductor Glen Adsit, in collaboration with Pulitzer Prize-winning composer Michael Colgrass,  on a project striving to introduce composition in the curriculum for students in intermediate and high schools through graphically notated music. The project will be presented at the Chicago Midwest Band and Orchestra Clinic in December 2015.























"Matthew does a brilliant and quick job in creating a clean and readable copy for these uniquely formatted graphic compositions."


conductor Glen Adsit



"Matt's work is first-rate, whether it be traditionally notated scores, graphic notation, whatever. He is a pleasure to work with, professional, friendly, 'satisfaction guaranteed.' Highly recommended."


composer David Macbride



"[His] excellent and timely formatting of musical examples for my dissertation was an answer to prayer. Before Dr. Kennedy stepped in to save the day, I was a little embarrassed by the look of my examples. Now, I am very proud of the entire document. Thank you!"


flutist Emily Stanek






As a composer, I am at once delighted and enthralled with communicating my work as clearly as possible, producing professionally engraved performance materials that are both practically functional and visually alluring. I have had the privilege over my career of not only digitally engraving my own works, but also the work of my colleagues, including collaborations with critically-acclaimed poet Mari Evans (transcribing and arranging songs from her 1984 musical We're Gonna Build a New World) and composer David Macbride. I have also enjoyed building a portfolio of works with the academic/research realm, having engraved examples for music historian Ira Braus' recently published article, "Keeping Time in Mozart's Eine kleine Gigue, K.574" in Indiana Theory Review and the doctoral dissertation of flutist Emily Stanek



For additional details including rates and estimates 

please contact Matthew  











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