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Mind The Gap: Online Music Theory
College Prep Course 

Course: Next Registration Summer 2021


Navigating the transition from high school to collegiate music studies can be challenging in any circumstances, but presently they are especially difficult. MIND THE GAP is a four-week program that aims to help bridge that gap. 


Through self-paced video lectures, curated quizzes, and weekly virtual discussion sessions, students will learn and review the basic music elements and fundamentals that will aid in their success this fall in a beginning music theory class and beyond. Students selecting the "Full Access" option for participation with have weekly discussions sessions specifically tailored to their groups' strengths and areas needing review. These subject will include, amongst other topics: 

  • ​Reading Pitches on Both Treble and Bass Clef

  • Time Signatures and Key Signatures: How they Work

  • Building and Recognizing Scales: Major, Minor (Natural, Harmonic, and Melodic), Pentatonic Scales, and Modes (Dorian, Phrygian, etc.)

  • Building and Recognizing Melodic and Harmonic Intervals

  • Building and Recognizing Triads: Major, Minor, Diminished, and Augmented

  • Building and Recognizing Seventh Chords: MM7, Mm7, mm7, half-dim., fully-dim.

  • Beginning Part-Writing (Keyboard and SATB Chorale Style)


Given that this is an online course, one of the unavoidable necessities is reliable internet connection. In addition to this, here are the other needs for the course:

  • Electronic device to view videos, take quizzes and attend Zoom meetings (if applicable).

  • EITHER access to digital music notation software OR access to printed staff paper and camera to upload assignments. Here are links to free trial versions of Sibelius and Finale, and a link to print off staff paper online.

Helpful but required: access to your primary instrument and/or access to a piano or electric keyboard


As an educator and a parent, I know costs can be prohibitive for many students and families; keeping many talented students from having all the resources they need to thrive and succeed. To carry out this mission, we are providing two options for participation for MIND THE GAP this summer:

Full Access - $25/week ($100 total)

     •  Access to All Video Lectures and Quizzes

     •  Weekly 90-Minute Zoom Class Sessions

     •  Weekly 30-Minute 1-On-1 Tutoring Sessions 

Limited Access - "Pay-What-You-Can"

     •  Access to All Video Lectures and Quizzes

This summer we are offering two full-tuition, need-based scholarships

supporting BIPOC (Black, Indigenous  and People of Color) students.

For more information, see the registration form or feel free to contact.


DR. MATTHEW KENNEDY is a composer and educator with fourteen years teaching experience at primary, secondary, and post-secondary levels, with the last eight years teaching music theory and composition at universities in Connecticut and Florida. He has recently presented on music theory pedagogy at New Music Gathering, University of South Florida Diversity Summit, as well as guest lectures on the subject at Butler University, University Nebraska-Kearney, and Missouri S&T. As a composer his works have been performed across five continents, receiving acclaim including honors and commissions from ASCAP, BMI, Opera on Tap, Boston Musica Viva, Hartford Opera Theater, bassist Robert Black, Dynamic Music Festival at NYU, as well as residencies at Marble House Project (VT), Atlantic Center for the Arts (FL), Hambidge Center (GA), Crosshatch Center for Art and Ecology (MI), The Horned Dorset Artist Colony (NY), and the Mayapple Center for the Arts and Humanities (CT). His music has been published by Just a Theory Press, NewMusicShelf, Ink&Coda Journal, as well as recordings of his works released by Parma Recordings and Soundset Recordings. He is currently based in Tampa, FL with his partner and three children. 

Comments from former music theory students:

"An excellent instructor, with a dynamic and caring personality."

"Dr. Kennedy really cares for his students, and you can tell that he loves his job."

"Dr. Kennedy is very passionate about his subject and cares about his students a lot. I enjoyed taking his class this semester and found his exam reviews very helpful. Providing examples on how to practice each concept is also really beneficial."

"I appreciate how flexible Dr.Kennedy is with us. His approach seems very learner-centered and I feel like I'm learning a lot more than I ever have in a music class because of it."

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