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Instrumentation: Euphonium and Piano

Duration: 13'00"

Ensemble: Amy Schumaker Bliss, euphonium and Joseph Marzan, piano

Year Composed: 2023

Commission: A consortium organized by Robert Benton including Kyohei Ando, Amy Schumaker Bliss, Mark Carlson, John Hart, Erik Lindquist,

Joel Pugh, Jared Sherman, William Sutton, and Jonah Zimmerman.

Premiered: MWRTEC (Bowling Green State University) and GPRTEC (University of Nebraska at Kearney)





Program Note:


FIRST delves into the intricate journey of a first-generation person, expressing the essence of their experience through an exploration of trials, errors, and the often-misunderstood opportunities that shape their path. The work delves into the challenges posed by an unfamiliar landscape, where the goal posts seem to shift continually under the influence of those possessing more institutional knowledge and clout. The composition's five movements are points of reflection on the persistent feeling of failure to coalesce in often dynamic and demanding environments. FIRST serves to examine the complexities of existing in an unknown space, inviting listeners to contemplate the many facets of the collective cultural perspective that defines the first-generation experience.

This work was commissioned by a consortium of ten musicians led by Dr. Robert Benton.





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Score and Part Available for Pre-Order before June 1st, 2025

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