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| run like hell



Instrumentation: for orchestra (2 2 2 2 ; 3 2 2 1; timp +2 ; strings)

Duration: 4'30"

Year Composed: 2020





Program Note:


Run Like Hell was written while in residence with a cohort of interdisciplinary artists at the idyllic Atlantic Center for Arts outside of New Smyrna Beach, FL near the outset of the COVID-19 pandemic in the US in late February and early March 2020. A looming, unseen cloud gathered as we began discussing and considering the quickly changing world in which we would be returning following our three weeks of voluntary isolation. The weight of the escalating situation effected our daily conversations and subconsciously found its way into our respective artistic outputs. The work and its title – an homage to both chase scenes in horror movies and the eponymous Pink Floyd tune – is an all-out sprint away from this shadowy unknown.




Run Like Hell was funded in part by fellowships from the Florida Division of Cultural Affairs and the Atlantic Center for the Arts 




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